Places I Teach:

Laughing in Rhythm

Breezy Knees every Monday night in Long Beach!

4th Saturday Swing every month in Long Beach!

Out Of Town:

Firehouse Swing Dance in San Diego April 17th with Conrad Friesen

Le Hot Sauce in San Fransisco June 21-23 with Conrad Friesen

Private Lessons:

I offer private, one on one lessons at Belmont Shore Chalet located in Long Beach, CA.

Please contact me below to set one up!

If you are interested in private lessons, but don’t live in LA, please take a look at my travelling schedule to see if I’ll be coming to an event near you so we can set up something there!

Private lessons are available at the following rates*:

$35 per half hour
$65 per hour
Inquire about student and other discounts 🙂

*rates do not include studio fees!

If you would like to schedule a lesson with me please contact me here:

Thank you!

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