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Jazz that nobody asked for

This is how I want my dancing to be.

Found and promptly stolen from dogpossum. Thank you!

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Now, anyone who knows me knows I hate dirty hippies. But this is pretty frickin’ rad and super inspiring.

Lindy hop needs more inspirational and share-able videos like this one, who’s on it?


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Heroes can be lots of things. Sometimes they are close to you, sometimes you never meet them, and sometimes you can’t meet them because they exist in your mind. To me, Skye Humphries is all of the above at the same time.

My first swing dance teacher mentioned this crazy guy in DC who was doing amazing things in Lindy Hop. His name was Skye Humphries. This was the first time I had heard his name, not knowing that it would essentially change the course of my entire life. So being a dedicated student (or maybe an aspiring internet stalker) I typed his name into the YouTube search box. This was 2007 and I saw this:

I remember watching this clip for hours on repeat, trying to figure out exactly what was so mesmerizing about it. This started my two year YouTube binge. I couldn’t go out social dancing because I was still in high school, so instead, whenever I had free time I’d prowl YouTube for more videos. For two years my life was YouTube.

He makes the simplest movements look incredible. He is not hiding behind flash and trash. The level of perfection that must be reached in order to make a rock step look as inspiring as an aerial is mind blowing. But everyone already knows that Skye is an incredible dancer.

What really inspired me about Skye, is that he’s not embarrassed to be himself. Ever.

And that’s something that will always stay with me for as long as I’m alive.

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Rabbits and Toasters?

Yes, Rabbits and Toasters. No, not more pancake bunnies.

It’s an awesome new syndicate for all lindy blogs! So cool! I was recently contacted that they wanted to feature my blog, and when I found out about this, I was so excited that something like this really existed! It’s everything from my Google Reader all in one place, but only the best of the best! Perfect.

All my friends are on it too: Art and Dancing, Wandering & Pondering, Atomic Ballroom, Swungover, Mikey Pedroza, and many more!

Seriously, if your a devout Lindy Logger Lurker you will be addicted to Rabbits and Toasters. That’s a guarantee.


Swing event articles and info


Just don’t ask me why it’s called Rabbits and Toasters. I have no clue.

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I’ve been really busy this month working on Jump Sessions! and my Etsy store, Feathery Delights! (please check it out!) However, I’ve been working on a post for a long time, and I do have a bunch of ideas for others, but you’ll just have to bear with me for now.

However I do want to leave you with the following:

I don’t know if anyone watched DWTS last week (well apparently everyone in the country watched it) but after seeing their so called “swing dance marathon” I had to immediately go to YouTube and cleanse my system by watching all the videos from the Oldschool Battle in Stockholm with the Hot Shots.

This is how I’d like to sum it up:

DWTS Pancake:

Lindy Hop Pancake:

Harlem Hot Shots Pancake:


Think about that for a little bit.

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If you’re subscribed to my blog you’re probably freaking out because of all the “posts” I posted today. Well calm down, there are some technical difficulties with my blog.
Somehow WordPress ate five of my older blogs, including one of my favorites, Musicality is Not Monotony. After not being able to restore them from WordPress, I found the old files (drafts from my blogger days) and I was re-posting them. I posted them with the original date of when they were posted, so they don’t show up on the homepage, unless your flip back a couple of pages.
That’s all! Just didn’t want anyone to be confused.
P.S. Some links within my blog may be broken because of this. I’m sorry! Try using the search on the right to look for a specific post.

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Signed, sealed, Delivered

As promised, I finally set up a blog for all my fashion posts from my previous blog. Here it is:

Old Dirty Things

I hope you’ll like it. I’ve moved all the old “eBay Scavenger” posts there too, so if you’ve linked to any of them you’ll need to change the links because I have deleted all the entries from the Blogger site and I did not post them on this site!

Thanks again!

Very Very Early Spring Cleaning…

As you may have noticed I fell a little out of rhythm with blog posts this past month. It was busy! But this actually this gives me an opportunity to regroup and reorganize a bit.

1) I’m throwing the schedule and categories out the window. At least for the moment. I’m just going to write about what I feel like writing about instead of trying to make it fit into a certain section of my blog. Also I’m not going to be traveling at all for a while so that kind of screws with the event reviews section. But I do have some plans and ideas for future posts… perhaps some interviews? How do you feel about that? What do you like to read about?

2) The “eBay Scavenger” section will be on a different blog. What I’ve realized reading other blogs is that it’s kind of annoying when you want to read about Lindy Hop and you get a post about fashion instead. It doesn’t really fit here and deserves a blog all it’s own. So if you liked that section I’ll have that up for you soon and if you hated it, well, it’s your lucky day. And if you hate my entire blog why are you still reading? 😛

3) I’ll try to post at least once for every weekday this week to catch up for those of you who missed me for the three weeks I was inactive. I’ll try to keep in to the mentality of posting at least 5 times a week after that, but sometimes you just have nothing to say.

I’d like to encourage you all to please comment and rate the posts! I’m so thankful to all of you who have commented and rated in the past! It’s so freakin’ cool! And for those of you still reading on facebook, please click on “View Original Post” directly below the note to the right in tiny print so you can comment and rate!

Also be sure to visit the links to other fellow lindy bloggers from the list on to the right! There is some amazing blogs out there!

Thanks again to all who read!

Three things I’ve always wanted to do.

3) This super hilarious shuffle at 0:49.

2) Sweet, sweet Bethany crazy swivels. Watch closely at 1:51. Up high and down low.

1) The butt bounce. Pay attention to the couple at the back at 1:43.

Three things you didn’t know about Alice Poteriaiko

Did you know that Alice Poteriaiko

  1. Translates to the number 5 in numerology
  2. Has the Black Widow Spider as their Power Animal
  3. Shares their name with a guesstimated 0 Americans?

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