So I had this amazing teacher this semester and in our last class, before our exam he gave his last lecture. He started with “If I can do make it, so can you.”
He went on:
  1. Listen and pay attention
  2. Respect what you don’t know
  3. Network and strategize
  4. Find a mentor
  5. Emulate the professionals that you meet
  6. The biz is not fair, but it is reciprocal
  7. Focus and self control are fuel — being awesome is a lifestyle
  8. Work hard, but pace yourself
  9. Career success is not happiness
  10. Manage stress in a healthy way
  11. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone
  12. Read, watch, and stay current
It was one of the most inspirational hours of my life. Have you received any inspirational advice lately?

4 thoughts on “Tips

  1. Fad23 says:

    I don’t often get advice from others. I tend to give quite a lot. In my own teachings, lately I’ve been asking folks to consider the questions “what does that mean?” That’s not to say that people don’t voice their concerns and thoughts to me, but that it doesn’t often come phrased as advice. That is to say that mostly people come to me with their problems and I sort (or hopefully help them to sort) their issues into basic components.

    I think of the advice that Confucius gave. From what I remember he gave appropriate advice to each of his students but when seen out of context two single lines of his advice might seem contradictory. The list you posted seem to be general enough. Looking outside the box, I would suggest that two peoples’ individual points of view on these would look quite different.

    A few months ago I came upon this video on Facebook:

    You’ve probably seen it, but in case you haven’t, there it is. The video features a really cool set of thoughts about how failure actually might be necessary to learn and to grow. That’s been the most exciting piece of advice I can remember receiving in years.

  2. > Career success is not happiness

    Of course not, but career might be a part of your happiness.
    Happiness is a combination of doing what we like and making money to do what we like ( and a few more things of course), But these two may be coming from different sources and this wouldn’t make you less happier!

    Be happy 🙂

  3. dennisdread says:

    Something I heard very recently, and I’m really surprised I’d never heard it before, or rather hadn’t put it together in quite this way is..’spend less, work less’.

    To me, that is brilliant.

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