Monthly Archives: December 2011


So I had this amazing teacher this semester and in our last class, before our exam he gave his last lecture. He started with “If I can do make it, so can you.”
He went on:
  1. Listen and pay attention
  2. Respect what you don’t know
  3. Network and strategize
  4. Find a mentor
  5. Emulate the professionals that you meet
  6. The biz is not fair, but it is reciprocal
  7. Focus and self control are fuel — being awesome is a lifestyle
  8. Work hard, but pace yourself
  9. Career success is not happiness
  10. Manage stress in a healthy way
  11. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone
  12. Read, watch, and stay current
It was one of the most inspirational hours of my life. Have you received any inspirational advice lately?