Music Variety is the Spice of Life

I’m back. Things have slightly settled in my life for the moment and I have time for blogging again! I’m challenging myself to post once a week. You can help keep me honest by spamming me with hate mail or lovely comments.

So onto the meat and potatoes.

When I first started dancing, maybe for the first year or two, I went into this “I LOVE LINDY HOP SO MUCH!OMFG!!” spiral and ended up only listening to swing music. It definitely made me a better dancer and helped me a lot to define what I liked and didn’t like dancing to. But it also made me a more boring person and therefore a more boring dancer.

When we put ourselves in boxes or align ourselves with only one way of thinking about something we put limits on our thoughts and therefore our actions. It’s so important to be open minded, but it’s also very difficult.

So I give you this little challenge for the week, listen to music you loved in high school. I suggest getting Spotify. You can find every song on there (even ones you never bought on CD, or tape, or… whatever else I’m to young to know about) and have a little nostalgia party with your self. It’s amazing how much our tastes change yet stay the same. I challenge you to discover and explore the music that you might have forgotten about. You gain a new appreciation for your own taste in music. If you want to dive further: look up sound tracks to movies you love, find friend’s playlists with Spotify Social and see what they are listening to, type in random words in the search and listen to the first song you think looks interesting.

Expand your mind, and you’ll find your ability expands as well.

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6 thoughts on “Music Variety is the Spice of Life

  1. Apache says:

    Being open minded is important and I agree with you on the point that it is always a good endeavor to expand ones horizons.

    People have suggested though (and I agree) in certain situations sometimes being creative comes easier when one has limitations to work within.

    My question would be how does one find balance among these two ideas? I feel if you choose one exclusively you end up with the extreme of the dancer that just looks like a caricature of the person or idea they are trying to emulate or on the other hand a person who goes on all these tangents that lack context.

  2. Glenn Z says:

    aww, Alice! Love your blog a week challenge. I really think blogging is such an awesome way to both more deeply discover your own ideas, and to become better able to articulate them.

    Of course we’d all love lots of readers & comments, but I think even if no one ever read your blog, you’d still develop yourself in those ways and be better in other communication experiences.

    So rock on, keep blogging!


    I love Apache’s comment!

    I think of, say, modern dance, or contemporary dance… if you tell someone: just go on stage and do anything — that might not be so interesting… but if you tell them: go on stage and do anything, so long as it follows these 3 rules… then seeing the structure that emerges from the interaction of improvisation and experimentation within the specifics of the rule structure… that can be pretty interesting.

  3. Glenn Z says:

    Oh, hey, speaking of blogging – we had an idea – maybe you have an opinion…

    We’ve thought about having peeps do their Art110 stuff on blogs…

    This would be great because stuff we have to do for the wiki like Resize & Rename photos and so on, that wouldn’t be necessary on a blog… plus peeps’d have more control of their blog’s look and they could more easily modify or delete it after the course…

    But we thought it’d never work cause it would just be tooooo much web surfing to grade.

    But I wonder… what if you still made a wiki home page — so it’s alphabetic on our roster and all that… but the project links on the home page, what if they went to blog posts instead of to other wiki pages?

    And for peeps like you who already have a blog… you could either do your posts on your existing blog… or make a new blog just for the class… whichever you preferred.

    So the only “extra” work would be that peeps’d have to do a little wiki and a little blog. But just to not have to hear about… and not deduct points for, “Resize & rename” — seems like that might be worth it.

    Whaddya think?

    • Alice Pye says:

      I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Although I can see how people could be though.
      I think people that already have a blog would be more comfortable working with something they are already using, however for people that don’t have a blog (which I’m guessing would be a majority of college freshman) would be just as unfamiliar with a blog as with a wiki.
      PROS: The video and picture importing in a blog however is much easier. It could introduce students to blogging, and maybe some of them will be able to take that blog and run without even after they are done with the class.
      CONS: Students will still have to worry about the wiki and the blog. It might get overwhelming to set up that many accounts in the first week.
      I think in the end it causes just as many problems as it solves, so it’s really a toss up. Although I definitely think students might encounter blogs again in the future, or want to keep them for the future (such as their own webpage, or an online dairy, or a place to display their own future work, or as a resume), but I really don’t think they’d want to mess around with the wiki after the semester is over.

      • Glenn Z says:

        Sounds right… a blog is one more thing… but not thinking about “resize and rename” is a lot off for a lot of peeps. Of course they won’t even know that last semester peeps used to lose points for “resize & rename” and they don’t even have to sweat it… but they will know that they have to sign up for a lot of stuff… so we could have week 1 complaints…

        But you’re right… wikis ARE great for clubs and stuff like that… they do get used a fair bit on “projects” and behind corporate fire walls… but individually… a student would be better served by a blog… so I’d piss off 100 students… and create 10 bloggers! 🙂

        P8 & P9 are interesting… they’re Eva & Franco parts 2 & 3… and they only require a vlog and nothing else… so as a sort of a test I think I’ll give peeps 3 options:

        • Normal
        • Link to blog page
        • Link straight to YouTube video

        (the only thing we don’t want is more than 1 click to get there)

        Since they can do “normal” or just right to the YouTube, I guess we won’t get too many blogs… but it’ll be interesting to see how it goes…

        I do like the blog idea for next semester… but the TA’s mostly don’t like it… and you’re lukewarm at best… so IDK…

        I get a few requests a year to “dear professor zucman… please delete my old wiki content”… that’s really just a tiny percentage out of so many hundreds of students… still… it made me think that with a blog they’d be more in control of their own content (both access / permissions… and creatively…)

        Of course… mostly NONE of my Cypress College blogging students have continued with their blog… so maybe the return there is even lower than we think… but Cypress is even less tech-friendly than CSULB… idk…

        Anyway… thanks for your thoughts! 🙂

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