Why I Compete

Competitions Photo

I love competing. A lot. Clearly that is why I do it so often. I do make jokes that I need the money, which I do, but that’s just the cherry on top. I’m still satiated even if I don’t make it to the finals.

Those who know me in person know I can be very shy. I’m actually terrible at communicating face to face, especially when I meet someone new. And I mean to use terrible with the full force the word wields. Dancing is a way for me to communicate that, oddly, I’m much more confident and comfortable with.

Competing or performing is a lot more powerful to me because it’s like communicating with everyone in the room at once. Public speaking vs. a private conversation with your friend. Dancing has given me the ability to communicate like I’ve had never before. Lindy Hop is my babel fish to the world ever since I found it.

Come cheer me on at Boogie By The Bay this weekend in San Francisco! More of my thoughts on competitions next week…

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4 thoughts on “Why I Compete

  1. Alex Dupler says:

    yay, alice is posting again

  2. holly yang says:

    i have nothing useful to say, only that after reading this i went around in my head saying “full force the word wields. full force the word wields. word wield word wield.”

  3. Lindyspice says:

    Congratulations on your 1st Place win at Le Hot Sauce last weekend- must have been a tough competition with all those wonderful dancers, but you and Patrick both totally deserved the honors! BTW, I *loved* your yellow blouse & black slacks combo- very pretty… 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I was really really surprised to win! But I’m so so happy to be able to go to ILHC! *ultimate squeal of joy!* I’m doing so many competitions it cost me almost $300 just to register for the contests! Ah! Hope to see you there?
      Also, that yellow blouse is actually a dress! You can see it in it’s full glory in this picture!

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