Rabbits and Toasters?

Yes, Rabbits and Toasters. No, not more pancake bunnies.

It’s an awesome new syndicate for all lindy blogs! So cool! I was recently contacted that they wanted to feature my blog, and when I found out about this, I was so excited that something like this really existed! It’s everything from my Google Reader all in one place, but only the best of the best! Perfect.

All my friends are on it too: Art and Dancing, Wandering & Pondering, Atomic Ballroom, Swungover, Mikey Pedroza, and many more!

Seriously, if your a devout Lindy Logger Lurker you will be addicted to Rabbits and Toasters. That’s a guarantee.


Swing event articles and info


Just don’t ask me why it’s called Rabbits and Toasters. I have no clue.

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One thought on “Rabbits and Toasters?

  1. goosenoose says:

    hi alice! really enjoy reading your posts. i’ve just started learning lindy this semester at new mexico state u. signed myself up for a lindy exchange as extra incentive to learn the dance (not that i needed it after seeing how fun it looks and feels!)

    do you know of any lead-focused lindy blogs that you’d recommend to someone that wants to learn more?

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