Use Your Noggin

I don’t think anyone uses their head when they dance quite like Naomi Uyama. She really dances with it. And here’s the proof!

At 0:53 she accents the music and her movement with they head.

At 1:18 she adds on to the movement she id doing by nodding her head.

At 1:29 she bends her head forward for the turn, it looks cool, even though it is very small.

At 1:22 she accentuates her leg windmill with her head. I happen to think this is very cute.

At 1:26 she brings her head down to accentuate the movement. *sigh*

At 1:07 she mimics the movement of her leg during the Susie-Q with her head.

At 1:17 she exaggerates the landing of her jumps by bringing her head down.

At 1:40 looks up towards the sky with the sailor step.

At 1:43 looks to the side and flourishes with her hand on the rock steps.

At 1:57 brings head down for the stop.

At 2:13 her head is connected to her body as she “points.”

At 2:23 her head goes back to accentuate the drop.

I know, the song is the same as above…

Actually I just think this video is perfect because even though Naomi’s hair is loose it never goes in her face. That’s pretty amazing.

I think it’s so often that we think of dancing is just with our feet because that’s how we first learned it (generally speaking…). We forget to keep the dancing in parts of our body that we don’t usually think about, like our heads or our fingers or hands, or hips, or knees, or toes! Sometimes I like to put on a song at home and pick a body part and only dance using that one part of me. It’s pretty fun. Watch this for ideas, also by Naomi!

EDIT: Bobby White also posted on his really amazing new blog, Swungover, about Naomi Uyama.

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2 thoughts on “Use Your Noggin

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