The brilliance that is Jerry.

I like Jerry.

I think that should be a shirt.



My fantastically talented friend Jerry has an amazingly brilliant blog called Wandering & Pondering. He is gradually posting an essay he wrote about the modern lindy hop community and how it became what it is today (and to infinity and beyond!) entitled Artistry in Rhythm. If you haven’t seen it yet you are missing out. It is too good to try and describe so I will merely quote his latest entry; pt. 15: Yin & Yang.

“Micromusicality is also fairly common feature in routines because I think it is easy for dancers to do and to show, however superficially, an audience that they are “connected” to the music.  Rather than interpreting the music, it conveys the image that the dancers are mere puppets of the music with no independent thought or emotion.  Many people uncritically appropriate this idea superficially thinking that this is part of the winning formula without understanding what made the rest of the routine look so appealing.”

Think about that!

And if you don’t continue reading you’ll be missing out on the pure genius (as always) quote from Skye Humphries! So keep reading!


BTW. If you dream of sitting down with Skye Humphries and sipping the knowledge from his brain you can get a little taster on Jerry’s blog. He posted an interview with Skye in four parts. pt. 1  pt. 2  pt. 3  pt. 4


I love Wondering & Pondering!


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