10 Helpful and Simple Tips on How Not to Be an Asshole on the Dance Floor

  1. ALWAYS use your words to ask someone to dance.
    If you stick your hand in my face and stand there I’ll probably spit my gum in your hand. We have a mouth and the ability to communicate through language for a reason. Use it.
  2. NEVER use baby powder in the middle of a dance floor.
    Or even in a corner where you know people will be dancing of stepping. Do it under a table or a chair, or bring some wet wipes with you and clean up after yourself.
  3. ALWAYS give your all to the dance.
    Just because a beginner asked you to dance, it doesn’t mean that they want you to dance with them like you are a beginner yourself. This does not mean you cannot have fun. It took a lot of guts for them to ask you to  dance so give it your all and dance with them as if you were dance with a "rockstar".
  4. NEVER dance with yourself.
    Dancing is about creating something together that you could not have created apart. This does not mean using your partner as an anchor to do cool moves to make yourself look cool. If you liked something your partner just did; let them know. Try to repeat what they just did or just smile, laugh, or say "nice!". WARNING: If overused this can get creepy.
  5. ALWAYS thank your partner warmly and sincerely.
    Even if your dance sucked you don’t want to be the centerpiece of restroom gossip just because you didn’t smile and say thank you. It really isn’t that hard. And if you like dancing with them let them know! Make it Swedish and ask for another dance.
  6. NEVER treat someone like they are below you.
    Just because you know someone has been dancing for a shorter amount of time than you it doesn’t mean that they suck in comparison. They probably know more than you anyway and you’re too stuck up to see it.
  7. ALWAYS assume that you have more to learn.
    Because no one is perfect and everyone always does have more to learn. Even if you like the way you dance, it does not hurt to take more lessons to learn a new way of thinking about the dance or just to see how different people teach the same thing.
  8. NEVER teach on the dance floor!
    I mean really, common. Instead of saying "You should do this" say "I feel this". Make the statement about yourself instead of the person you are dancing.
  9. ALWAYS think about how your words will affect someone else.
    This should kind of be a mastered skill from first grade.
  10. NEVER tell a person that you don’t like dancing with them for any reason EVER.
    That’s just horrible

Most (if not all, with some alteration) of these rules also go for life in general. If you just realized that then you are an ultimate asshole far beyond help and hopefully I’ll meet you someday and shank you a few times.


3 thoughts on “10 Helpful and Simple Tips on How Not to Be an Asshole on the Dance Floor

  1. Apache says:

    Hey Alice, I really liked this post and I am going to post it to my club’s facebook discussion group and give you credit.

  2. […] am totally stealing this from The Rantings of a Lindy Hopper.  It was too fabulous not to share…it needs to be shared.  Oh […]

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