Silly That Up.

Even though I wanted to post like 5 clips from ILHC this past weekend I decided not to because even if you’re a mild lindy video clip addict you’ve probably already seen all of them twice.

So I’ll post something a bit different.


One of my favorite videos since I first saw it. This month I’m still going to focus a lot on solo jazz, still trying to learn the Tranky Doo. I think working on solo jazz will really help me get through this weird plateau I’m going through right now in my dancing. Plus it’s also really easy to work on solo jazz alone when you’re bored or have a spare moment in your day. Introducing new movements and ways of moving your body through space will force you to be more creative on the social dance floor too, I presume. I often find myself doing the same 3-4 movements/stylings when I’m following and getting my muscles to do diffrent things will probably help get me moving in new ways so I can have more tools at my disposal to pullout so I can match the music better. Hopefully that made sense.

Another thing I would like to focus on more is to be more silly and have more fun. I’m tired of AWESOME all the time. I want fun. This video is so awesome because it’s so silly. Frida and Sakarias tell a story, portray characters, and are silly while they are dancing. Being silly and having fun goes much further than being awesome in my book. I don’t care if you have some fancy new aerial and you learned this step from Skye Home-Fries himself. I’d rather see you having fun and being yourself.

For example, you are performing a routine and you have to get every single step exactly right, and you can’t screw up this break here, and watch out and don’t slip after this aerial here. If you weren’t so busy worrying about trying to be the coolest and best routine EVER you would probably have remembered to have fun and it would have been the coolest and best routine ever.

This weekend I stayed up pretty frickin’ late dancing one night and I remember being so tried that I didn’t even care how a looked or how good my technique was or how well I was following and I just danced. I had the best dances of my life ever. Consecutively. It was awesome. So from now on. I’m just going to dance and not give a rat’s behind about anything else, like how cool or awesome I look. I’m done with that. I want to have fun now and be silly. Silly it up.


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