Camp Hollywood Recovery Time

So I had a killer headache yesterday and most of today and that’s why I’m late posting this.

Camp Hollywood was last weekend (July 30th – August 2nd, 2009)  It was a blast! I had even more fun than last year, but then again I knew nothing about anything last year. I’ll re-live it in some glorious and not so glorious detail next week.

I love it whenever there is a camp or event in LA because all the rock stars come out to dance to regular dance venues and (at least for me, I find) it’s easier to ask them to dance at a social venue than at a camp when they are kind of put on a pedestal because everyone knows that they’re the teachers. But maybe I’m crazy. But I’m sure of this: the only way to get better is to dance with people who are better than you. As Jonathan Stout put it, it’s like troubleshooting; if it doesn’t feel right it must be you since they probably know what they are doing. Also, without being too intrusive, you can ask them for tips and advice after the dance! It’s like a mini-private lesson minus the bankruptcy. Score! I’m actually too shy about asking for tips because I already had the nerve to ask them to dance (or I just stalk them all night until the feel that they have to ask me because I won’t leave them alone if they don’t. No, that doesn’t work), but if you start the habit of asking for tips early you won’t feel awkward about it.

Another thing about LA, we have a badass scene. It gets overshadowed but hotshots comming from Seattle (Mike Faltesek, drool, Bethany and Stefan, more drool) and DC (Skye Humphries, the man every one tries to dance like) but we have quite a bit cookin’ down here. When I went to NYC in May for Frankie 95 I had the opportunity to talk to people from many different places about their dance ‘scenes’ at home. This really opened up my eyes to how fortunate I am to be around enormous amounts of talent all the time! For example: Nick Williams, Laura Keat, Jeremy Otth (more like OTTH-ome), Mikey Pedroza (awesome in human form),  Nikki Marvin, Shesha Marvin, Sarah Breck, Debbie Gitt, Patrick Fredrickson (the best most unknown leader on the planet), Justin Zimmerman, and the list keeps going…

People to seek out on the dance floor while you are in LA (apart from those mentioned above…):
Charlotte Woertler – she’d  be smoking up the dance floor in the Lindy floor even though she claims she’s a "blues dancer’. I don’t believe her either. She’s helping to organize LA Blues, a one of a kind expedience. Yes, a blues event in LA!
Morgan Day – Dancer extraordinary, a triple threat; shag, balboa, and lindy. The term ‘badass’ certainly applies in all three areas of expertise. Catch him on the Sea Swing Sensation Swing Cruise! IT’S GOING TO BE MIND BLOWING!

Peace out!


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