Tranky Doo

Ahhh. Back from Camp Hollywood.

So just for Eric, here’s another Bethany and Stefan clip. Plus Mike Faltesek.

Easily the best Tranky Doo performance caught on film. You can see they are not just going through the steps, but they are putting their own personalities in to the choreography which elevates their performance to have it’s own character and not just a string of steps that anyone else can repeat. Brilliant and so simple.

I wanted to post a solo dance clip this month because I’m trying to work on that a bit more as I’m tired of taking classes where the other partner does not understand the concept being taught which compromises me understanding and being able to learn the step. So in short, I hate people and would much prefer to dance by myself. 😀

This spawned my new passion for solo dance.

What are your favorite solo dance clips?


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