Catch Up

This week it’s time to catch up on what I’ve been up to the past year, but very fast and as short as I can make it, which will be fairly long.

So since almost a year ago, a few things have happened with me. And now I actually know what I’m talking about. At least slightly more. In the moment you always feel like you know a lot but after sometime you look back and you think to yourself  "What the heck was I thinking?!" But it’s also a good feeling because you know you are learning and improving. I wonder if you ever look back and realize that you haven’t learned or changed?

What I’m up to at the moment is quite a few things. I’ve started helping out with Neil’s Technique Class at LindyGroove. I’m so thankful that this opportunity came my way because I’ve been trying to start teaching for a little bit. Thanks to Neil I’m getting so much experience form this! You have to start somewhere, this is more than perfect for me. Does anyone remember their first time teaching?

Camp Hollywood is at the end of the month and I’m competing not only in the Jack & Jill but also in the Strictly (with Alan). Watch out! Naw, not to really… But maybe I’ll pull a surprise attack! The judges will be so mesmerized by our matching outfits what they will automatically give us the highest scores! Any tips for competitions, Strictly’s or J&J’s? When was the first time you competed? How did it go?

People to dance with in LA:
Patrick Fredrickson and Debbie Gitt. There are no words good enough to describe them. But if you should ever meet Patrick (who teaches at Camp Swing) ask him to show you the infamous ‘Penguin’ move. Ouch!

Thanks for bearing with me through this! Next week I’ll post memories from my Frankie 95Camp Jitterbug coast to coast adventure and some plans for the future.


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