Risen from the Dead…


So just when you thought it was over it wasn’t. I have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. But less gracefully. Okay things got a bit crazy with school but now that it’s summer (once more) I have time to catch up on the many things I started and never followed through with. But more about school later…

I devised a schedule to keep up with so every week of the month is going to be something a bit different. Here it goes!

For now it looks like this:

First week of the month: Video Clip Roundup!
A taste of under appreciated Lindy Hop videos and maybe some over appreciated goodies. Simply some videos that I have collected over time. I’ll try to come up with videos that influence me in the moment, so it will be an exercise for me too, to try and find a new inspiration every month. Let’s just say I won’t be posting Frida and Skye videos for a long time, according to Nick Williams. I’ll be posting a video later today!

Second week of the month: LA Happenings 
What the LA scene is like, how it’s doing, where it’s going, dancers to dance with if you’re ever here, and my personal accomplishments. Anything that falls into the boxes of ‘Lindy Hop’ and ‘Los Angeles’ at the same time can be found here.

Third week of the month: Camp Craziness!
Reviews of camps or events I’ve been to or thoughts on what camps I’m planning on going. Simple.

Fourth week of each month: eBay Scavenger
This will be the equivalent of casual Friday. Not necessarily related to dancing but it could and might be more often than not. Here I’ll brag about recent eBay (or other) purchases and finds.

Anything else that I post will be purely nonsense that you can ignore or read and then save on your hard drive for blackmailing purposes in the future.

Stay tuned as I will post this month’s video clip shortly!


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