Hooray for Hollywood…

n782813071_1174585_6798Camp Hollywood was such a unique experience. It was my first dance camp and also my first competition. I participated in the Am Jack and Jill. Of course I didn’t make it to the finals but the entire event was pure exploding awesome that I’m not sore about it at all. But my body felt like blubber for three days after the event, it was sweet! I met some people there that have been dancing for five years and they were in the beginner track and they said they learned a lot which made me kind of jealous. On the the good stuff:

Pros: The Piano Jams in the lobby, Emily Hoffberg, Nina Gilkenson, Casey Schneider, the Sillyosity class, the merchandise, the competitions (the Shag esp.), that everything takes place at the hotel

Cons: The amount of money spent, the fact that there was no free food, very long fast songs on a repetitive loop, my very expensive shoes ripped…

My first impression was that they were trying to hard to please the Bal and Shag dancers because they would play very long fast songs a lot. It was hard because once they did play a medium tempo song and you would be in your groove and all and then they would revert back to outrageous tempo songs it would bum you out. It also kind of had the same thing as beep test where you don’t actually know how tired you are until you stop, I definitely felt like I got a lot more tired per one night there. And I wasn’t asked to dance a lot and the majority of the time I did the asking which is kind of annoying too because I’m on the shy side. Unless you know me.

The classes made up for the nights though. Except for the fact that WE WERE PACKED LIKE SARDINES. I think I still managed to learn a lot though. My favorite classes were David and Kim’s Charleston class on Friday, Mike and Casey’s Creativity Through Sillyosity class on Saturday, and finally Manu and Nicole’s Swing & Soul class on Sunday morning (which was absolutely the best choice for a class in the morning, every one really soul-ed it up).

My absolute favorite class was the Sillyosity class because the actually uttered out loud what I have been thinking for a while now: don’t try to be awesome all the time because the main point of dancing is to have fun and do whatever you feel like even if it is ridiculous. It’s like Casino Royale vs. All the other James Bonds. Casino sucks because the whole movie is so serious and is trying to hard to be a serious intelligent movie while not basking in the glory that already is James Bond which is stupid and silly and ridiculous but FUN above all. Sean Connery’s James Bond is someone I want to hang out with and go to a party with while Daniel Craig’s James Bond is like that person at the party no one wants to talk to.

Alright back on topic.

Some advice if you’re planning to go to Camp Hollywood: take privates with the teachers after the classes, or if you’re poor like me ask them to dance and then ask them for tips/advice after class or after the dance or just talk to them about their experiences, people love to talk about themselves. And also have friends that you can dance with in case there’s no one you want to dance with on the floor/no one asks you. Over all I had a great time and I learned a great deal and met a lot of great people who I would have never met if it wasn’t for Camp Hollywood.

School starts in 8 days. I’m also going to Inspiration Weekend on Labor Day weekend and I will compete there in both the Open Jack and Jill and the Pro-Am Jack and Jill. I’ll tell you all about it in my next entry.

P.S. Here are some more Camp Hollywood pictures.


One thought on “Hooray for Hollywood…

  1. Kevin and Jojo says:

    You are darling. Keep blogging and working on your lindy hop.Cheers,Jo

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