Back in Red and White…

Sorry for the long blank time period of emptiness. I went to Ottawa, Canada for month to visit some friends and check out their local dancing scene.

I grew up in Canada from when I was seven years old so I definitely consider myself a Canadian. My friends are all still there so I try to visit every once in a while so they don’t forget me. And I’d have to conclude that Ottawa is definitely my favorite place on the entire planet and the universe.

Now on to the dancing. Ottawa has an amazing dancing scene. Although the community is not very big which can be good or bad. They have dancing there two times a week all year round but they also have many events during the year. In the summer there is also a venue in a boathouse by the river which is quite nice. It’s definitely not like LA where you can find a place to dance every day of the week but all of those places are very far apart while in Ottawa the two dances are run by 2 different groups (Ottawa Swing Dance Society and Swing Dynamite) but they take place in the same place. Since Ottawa is a fairly small city everything is always very close and the public transportation system is probably one of the best (if not the best) in the universe which means you can get anywhere within thirty minutes on the bus. If you want to take lessons in Ottawa I highly recommend Swing Dynamite. They run the Saturday night dance and they are all charming people. I met Byron Alley who is the head honcho of the SD gang and he is a very lovely person and dancer, in fact, he used to dance with Annie Trudeau and started Studio 88-SWING in Montreal with her. Look him up on YouTube. I met him on my first night there and he organized a jam circle just for me! Just goes to show that Canadians are as warm hearted as they say. For those of you looking for some amazing follows look no further than Alana Hock and Andréa Pelletier, find them on the dance floor (just look for the circle of people watching) and ask them about privates! They are brilliant!

And now for a side note: If you live in Ottawa or are visiting for any length of time check out the Tea Store in the Byward Market, great place!

Well I’m off. I’ll post about Camp Hollywood tomorrow, sorry for the delay. I’m too busy for my own good.


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